Sunday, April 21, 2013


Quick, look outside! The sun is actually shining!!! Not that it will last long.... More rain coming later in the afternoon. We had a contractor in after church today to look at the chimney on our fireplace. Old bricks, and a big, ol' crack. Mucho bucks, but the darn thing has to be rebuilt. It's either that, or the house goes down the tube. Guess we'll be forkin' over the dough to have the blasted thing done. Such as life, and I'm really not complaining. Much.

Yesterday was Scrap and Stamp at church. It's an open invitation to the community at large to come and craft for a day with us. We provide snacks and dinner, some die cut machines and lots of space to spread out and play. Usually, and my friends can attest to this, I'm too busy visiting to get much done. Yesterday was no exception...though I did manage to get two cards done, one of which is below. So who surprised me by dropping in for a few quick minutes??! My biggie sister Sue! Just made my day. She and family friend Kathy made a quick stop before heading to BWW for lunch with Sue's son Steve. Everyone should have a sister like mine. I am blessed beyond all blessings to have her as a sister, and she's also my best friend in the whole wide world. So, just in case she reads this post, "hi Sue".

This card is going into the challenge over at Addicted to CAS, where the code word for the week is:

I took that literally. I have one flower on my card. It's kind of fun and whimsical.

Believe it or not, the flower didn't come like that. If you enlarge the photograph, you can see the silvery edges. That's a sticker. The purpleish/blueish flower color is actually a piece of vellum onto which the sticker is stuck. (that sounds funny, doesn't it...) Then the center is an enamel dot my friend Jen gave me at S&S yesterday. I fussy cut the flower out, and it's on a pop dot with some Karen Foster Design twine for the stem. I put some random greenish pearls around it for balance, and used the "hi" stamp from TAWS Adorabowl set. So that's it, and I'm off to see what you all have posted. Happy dances everyone.


cm said...

What a wonderful event at your church! If I lived in your neighbourhood, guaranteed I'd be joining in! Oh, to have such a community! Your sister sounds delightful; I'm sure she feels exactly the same way about you! Great card and great post! Made me smile...a big ear to ear smile!!!

Ardyth said...

This is a wonderfully whimsical card - love the silver vellum flower and it's 'tail'!

Sharon said...

hah! I got to share a piece of Sue, too! :) You're so correct in saying what a wonderful person she is and I am blessed that you introduced me to her.
LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the card. I'll be CASEing it!

Anonymous said...

Delectable, delicious, delightful, Bev ... sigh ... LOVE it! Can I just do a beam me up so I get to come to your next Scrap and Stamp event ... sounds sooo much fun! Anita :)

Kylie said...

I love how the flower turned out. It is just soooo cute, Bev. I love the glossy look it has and the twine is awesome! Thanks so much for playing along at ATCAS! xx