Monday, September 29, 2014

We're gettin' there

So good news today. DH got out of his recliner all by himself today - without me even helping him one teeny, tiny little bit!!! Now, that might not sound like much, but considering he fell down 12 hard stairs and landed on the cement floor, hitting his lower back on the way down, this is a really big step! I did a little happy dance, and gave him a high-five for all his effort. If he manages to do it again today, at least twice more, I've promised him one of his favorite dinners tonight. Should be a pretty good motivator. And I'm giving you all credit too, for the prayers and positive thoughts sent his way. Thanks!!!

So while he was having breakfast, I made a quick card. Ahhhhh....sure feels good to be back in the craft room after just passing through these past few weeks. Not sure if you've heard, but Chaitali's having a Coffee Lover's Blog Hop. How cool is that???!!! This morning as I was perusing my blog list, I saw post after post about this, so after a quick peek at your cards, I popped over to Chaitali's blog, and scoped it out. After all, it is National Coffee Day! It felt like just the right place for me to try and get back into the swing of least a bit anyway.


Not only that, but the dear heart has a boatload of sponsors to boot!!! Seeeee.....


PLUS, flash giveaways too...Dang!!!


You'll have to pardon me if I'm a bit rusty, but this is what I came up with. Sure hope you link up too. What a fun way to start a Monday!

Started out with my usual Neenah White base, and pulled cardstock and dp scraps for the mats. I know for sure that the stripes are EP, but can't tell you what the rest are, sorry. The stamp and the mat dies are from MFT, and some Some SU black ink, a bit of Karen Foster twine, and a KandCompany sticker. EZPZ! 

And the coffee questions from Virginia Lu....

1.  When did you start drinking coffee?

I started trying coffee when I was little. My mom made coffee strong enough to melt spoons, so I wasn't a big fan. Then, while sitting at my MIL's after church, I tried her coffee. Yum! Two cups per week. It wasn't until I started working at the museum where my coworkers were all about good coffee that I started having a cup or two everyday. Now each morning, I have two cups. Double yum!!

2.  What is your favorite brand (you can name up to three).

Gotta go with Starbucks here. Love my Venti non-fat, toffee-nut lattes. Too bad there's not a store right next door, lol!!

3. What is the most amazing coffee you've ever had? Remember where and when?

Blue Mountain Coffee in Jamaica. Just something about having it in Jamaica too...Back about 1989ish. Oh gosh, I was young then, lol!!

4.  If I don't drink my needed coffee, I'll...

Probably be cranky till at least noon and settle for Coke. If I'm away from home, I'll drive to a local coffee shop or Starbucks to get it early in the morning, so I can spend the rest of the day with family or friends.

Now, if DH continues on his current path, I will be back in the groove in no time at all. I hope to have time yet today to visit and comment on your blogs; it all depends on how much I'm in demand. So. With that, happy dances everyone!!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Craftus Interruptus

In between my "nursing" duties, and moving DH's office from the second floor to the first, as well as my 'regular' household chores, my craft time has really taken a hit. I barely have time for anything else. And crafting time has really taken the way, way back seat. Don't like it one bit. Don't like that while I can glance at your posts and see the heart-lifting creations you all have there, I have little time to drop in a comment. Please bear with me for a bit longer, and hopefully DH will continue on his recovery, and I can get more back to normal. One can only hope...

I had to make a couple cards today. No choice, and they're already late for the recipients. Tomorrow two of my granddaughters turn one and 21. Crazy isn't it? Just yesterday Jess was a baby, and here she is already in her final year of college. Where did that time go??? And Miss Avie already one...little tow-head blond and a chubby, happy baby. She's pretty amazing; so wants to be 'big' like her three older siblings. I can see the wheels turning in her sweet little head. *sigh* Both are precious.

This first card is for Jess. I used CAS(E) This Sketch as my jumping off point. This is the second version; first one totally sucked. Like this one much, much better. It appeals to my sense of white space. Awesome sketch, isn't it??!!

Here's my version:

Started with my Neenah white base, and used a scrap of black, and a bit of gold foil from Michaels. Some gold sequins, an AE stamp with SU ink, and some chipboard to raise the gold frame. Now here's the weird part...The pinkish acetate isn't. It's part of a label from the Blackberry Apple fizzy water I bought a while back at K-Mart. I know, right? Loved the color, and wished for some acetate like it in my stash. Then thought too much would be gaudy, but a touch would be fine. Trimmed the label and used it today here. You can even see some of the bubbles in the upper left corner... Crazy, huh?!

Miss Avery's card is much more conventional. Saw the "banner" cue card over at CASology, and thought I'd pop this card there. It might be too busy, so if it is, the DT and Melissa should take it down. While busy, it's not too froo-froo. Someday she'll like it.

I found a double sided scrap in my dp scrap box, and it tripped my trigger. Black SU ink, and the image is from A Muse stamps, and the other stamps are from MFT and NN. The scallop die is RC. Some Glossy Accents on the wand's star, and a few bits of bling on the crown. A couple of Copic markers, and a bit of embroidery thread finishes this off. The panel is raised a bit with some pop dots. I totally cased a card by Carly Robertson. Can't seem to find a link, but I'll show you her card:


Isn't this just sweet?! Anyway, I need to get going and get some work done. Thanks for your patience. I'll try to find a minute or two and get to some commenting. Happy dances everyone

Friday, September 19, 2014

Thank you all so much

As you've probably guessed from sweet Darnell and wonderful Ardyth's blogs, this past Tuesday was my birthday. Darnell threw an incredible party, complete with happy dancers, and Ardyth hosted the linky party. I was completely surprised, and beyond delighted. So big hugs and big thanks to those dear friends for doing this. And hugs and thanks to all of you who stopped in, left a hb message, made a card, sent a card, or commented on D.'s  and/or A.'s blogs. After what went on here last week, your kind wishes, and thoughts and prayers have buoyed my my spirits. It was just what I needed. I'm still going back and peeking in; can't believe you all did this! So thank you all; it was so sweet of you and I will treasure this always.

I started to make a card on Monday morning, but it's mostly been sitting on my desk, looked at longingly each time I've passed. DH's care has taken most of my time, which is exactly how it should be. He's improving day by day. Still using a walker, but I'm hoping that in a week or two, he'll be back to more normal...except for stairs. Not doing THAT again!!! So while he's in the recliner with the remote in hand, and paperwork surrounding him, I've been making a switch. His bigger than huge office now needs to be compacted, and moved into his bedroom. So guess what I've been doing???? Yep. Packing up, hauling down, moving out stuff, handing him boxes upon boxes of papers to go through (keep, recycle, shred...), and working my little brain to the bone trying to figure out how to fit all this in half the space. Some things will stay in boxes and in the attic. Some things will come down, and some things will go up. Hundreds of books will go either to local libraries, or into AAUW book sales. But don't worry...I'm an expert at getting 10 pounds of stuff into a 5 pound bag! It will all work out. Next year we're planning a reno of the first floor; turning our current family room into his bedroom, turning the adjoining room which is a pass-through room to the family room and my craft room, into a closet and full bathroom with a walk in shower, and then his current bedroom into office space only. I'll take over some of the space in his old office as my craft space, so that will work out well.

ANYWAY...all this by way of an explanation of why I have been a bit out of touch. I do have a card to share today, and it's in honor of another Bev! Bev over at Uniko Studios just had twin boys! How nice is that??!! DH and I have twin boys, but they're just a wee bit older than these, um, oh...40+ years! Tom and Joe are a real blessing in our lives, and if Bev and her husband have even half the joy we've had, then, they will be truly blessed. So congrats on Josh and Ben! Time Out Challenge has an additional challenge on this auspicious occasion, "Double the Joy." Had a little ping, and all I needed was for DH to sleep in a bit so I could finish the card. Mission accomplished!!

One boat for each little boy. Lots of different products here. SU boat stamps all fussy cut, SC star sequins, NN sentiment, multiple inks, and a NBUS LF die to make the waves. All the papers are scraps except for the Neenah base. And since I've taken up waaaaay too much of your time already, I'll quit now. Happy dances everyone.

Monday, September 15, 2014

You won't even believe this....

Last week is one I'd like to pretty much erase. Two "F's". A funeral and a fall. My sweet friend Nicki died quickly and unexpectedly at 43, leaving behind her husband and two children. And although it's difficult to imagine her not being nearby, I know I'll see her in heaven someday. Her faith is an assurance of that. The other "F" was much more close to home. In fact, it was here at home that DH's fall occurred. At age 77, with all hips and knees replaced, his mobility isn't the greatest, but until a few months ago, he had done just fine. Less than 10 minutes after coming back from Nicki's visitation, he tumbled down the basement stairs and landed on the cement floor. Thankfully, he doesn't remember the fall. After a call to 911, and a trip to the ER, it turns out that he's a pretty tough bird. Nothing broken, no brain bleed, and no concussion. He's stiff, bruised, and sore, but all things considered, he's doing really well. God was really watching out for him! Needless to say, I wasn't doing any crafting (or much of anything else either). Since he's SAFELY ensconced in the recliner in the room next to me, I decided to craft this afternoon rather than continue the "shift" of his office. No more stairs for him (his office is upstairs and contains enough books to start a library, among all of his other professorial goodies....). So...

Since the card I started for Muse last week pretty much sat on my desk until this morning, I decided to check the current challenge there, and see if I had any mojo. One look at Marion Vagg's card and I really hopeful that Mr. Mojo would appear. I'm pretty happy with what I created. First, see this lovely, CAS card of Marion's...

Love this! It's just so beautiful!! So much inspiration; had to play along with Muse this week!

My eyes went right to the design, colors, and flowers of Marion's card and here's my take:

And....since these are brand-spankin' new stamps and dies, I'm popping this into Darnell's super fun NBUS Challenge too! Everything is from Reverse Confetti. I used various inks and Neenah white cardstock. Now I have to check on my "patient," and then get a few more things done around here. It's good to be back though. I've missed you all. And btw....thanks so very much for your sweet comments, and your encouragement on my PCL guest gig. You're the best!! Happy dances everyone!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Featured Designer at Paper Crafter's Library!

Imagine my delight, and surprise, when Andrea Walford , Creative Director and Owner of Paper Crafter's Library, contacted and invited me to be one of the Featured Designers!! Talk about a happy dance!! I've got a sneak peek of one of my creations, but to see more, you'll have to pop over and visit PCL. I've held this secret in for so long, and am so thrilled that I can now share it with all of you! So....what are you waiting for??!! Go on, click on the link and head over to Paper Crafter's Library!


Saturday, September 6, 2014

Back in the Craft Room Again

Hi everyone....It's been a good long while since I've been in my craft room or posted anything. I had originally planned to take a couple of weeks off to type a manuscript for DH, but ended up with that horrid virus that's still going around. Knocked me out for nearly a week, and really put the damper on typing. Once I felt better, I typed my poor little fingers down to practically nubbins, but, yesterday, I finally finished. This was an original Manuscript done by a committee of WPA workers in 1940. This work, in large part because of WWII, was never published. So my Honey Lamb is editing this for publication some 74 years later. However, what he got from the State Historical Society was a copy of a mimeographed copy. Fuzzy. And impossible for scanners, either here at home or at any of the professional places to scan. So, being the good little wifey-pooh that I am, and by far the better typist, I started from page one and put it all on a flash drive for him. And so when I finished yesterday, I didn't do too much, except make a card. Well....about six of them. All but the one you'll see first have become scratch paper. Mr. Mojo was too tired (jerk) from typing (jerk) to cooperate and craft (jerk). He came around a bit today, and together we got a couple more made!

The card I made yesterday, is one I really like. This will head into CAS(E) this Sketch #91, and into Miss Darnell's NBUS #2! (Hi D.!!) The die and two of the inks are NBUS, so this one qualifies, yippee!!! And that sketch from CTS by N@alie....Totally love it...check it out:

And this is my card:

Started with my usual Neenah white base. I used a scrap of CS and cut the WPlus9 pear (NBUS), then filled in with multiple inks in greens, yellow, pink, brown. Found a scrap of gray stripey dp, and did a partial cut with the same die. The sentiment was inked in Smoke by ME, and is from TT. Three SC sequins, and done. 

Next, (after going out and buying a dryer at the Home Depot and wondering just how much more I could have filled my craft room with supplies with that money....) I made a couple more cards. This one is a 4x4 notecard sample. Gotta make a set for a friend and this could be the prototype. It's going into the AEI{Heart}U Challenge

Challenge 15

This definitely qualifies as CAS. No froo-froo here:

Since it's a notecard, I left off any sentiment. Just didn't look right. The leaf stamp is AE, and I used Winter ink from ME. One MME enamel dot, a scrap of PS orange CS all on Neenah white. #2 done. (the # is not 'hashtag''s 'number.')

And this last card was a struggle. I started it yesterday, but as previously mentioned, Mr. Mojo (aka: Jerk), wasn't cooperating. He did today. This one will head on over to The Cutting Edge Challenge. Take a look at Lisa's inspiration card...totally brilliant. There's still time to play along, so join me, won't you?!

There's nothing I don't love about this card. That Lisa is such an inspiration! Mine is a pretty solid CASE of her card. Colors, stripes, gray, flowers...

For this, I used some Bazzill gray CS for the base and topped it with a scrap die cut with one of my favorite ME dies. The stamps and dies are all from PTI's set Note Niblets. A little SU black ink, a few blings for the centers of the flowers and done. All the flowers were scraps...Nice!  And that's it for today. It's good to be back, and I hope to do some visiting of your blogs yet today. Have a great weekend, and happy dances everyone!