Monday, August 31, 2015

Happy Birthday Hannelie!!!

This was supposed to happen yesterday. Instead, I got a migraine. So my most sincere apologies for not getting this up in time for your birthday dear friend. But we'll extend your celebration by a day and party extra long!

Hannelie. Isn't she just the sweetest person?! Not only are her cards ever and always amazing, but she shares digi sentiments with us all so cool is that??!!! I can remember back to when I first started blogging and there were those bloggers that I held in total awe; Hannelie was (and still is) one of them. I mustered up my courage one day and left a comment on her blog because of an incredible card. Shortly after that, I got a comment from her! Let me tell you, I was over the moon! Someone as important and as good a cardmaker as Hannelie took notice of a newbie. That's the kind of person she is...generous in spirit, sweetest disposition, and a darling friend. Thanks to bloggers like Hannelie, I felt encouraged to continue in my own efforts. Thanks to bloggers like Hannelie, I in turn encourage others. She has that effect on us, you know? Thanks sweet Hannelie, you're the best.

Just a little party for today, starting off with a few decorations and some pretty yellow table settings. We'll multiply them as needed, and by my calculations, we'll need about a million!
These glittery balloons add the perfect touch of sparkle. All I did was funnel some gold glitter into them before blowing them up.

Polka Dot Wedding Inspiration: Fun and Fabulous! See more at: - Styling Ideas for Weddings + Parties

Daisy Chain Table Scape (1) From: Stone Gable (2) Follow On Pinterest > Stone Gable

black and yellow diy table decor | Do-It-Yourself Wedding Reception Centerpieces | St. Simons Island ...

And a cake like this at every table. You know our birthday girl likes polka dots!! And bright colors!

Stripes and Polka Dots Gift Boxes Cake

For presents, I thought I'd shop for an outfit, complete with jewelry and a handbag. But this one didn't come with shoes....

#Modest doesn’t mean frumpy. #DressingWithDignity

So I found some matchy-matchy ones! Aren't these just the cutest??!!

Smart and Snazzy Heel in Seabreeze - High, Woven, Blue, Solid, Polka Dots, Party, Daytime Party, Variation, Better

The last present is a little lear jet. So you can go see your girls, or head off to SA anytime your heart desires. And if you should want to make a few (hundred) trips to see us all in the US and all around the world, well, we won't complain!

I would have a jet so I could visit my mom quicker than 5 hrs and the Girts and I would be in FL all the time :)

Actually, I have one more present. But you can't see it. Not because I don't want you to, but because it's unseeable. It's a special gift that I know she'll want. No More Migraines. EVER. That's what I'd like to give her most. Or "ungive" her! And do I have a card? You know I do. And it'll be winging it's way to her even as we speak. Late? A bit, but I'm calling it an extension of the celebration! You can have a peek before you get it in the mail, Hannelie:

So birthday blessings enough to last the whole year through dear friend. May all your dreams and wishes come true!!

(I'll be popping this into Tag You're It #29, Less Is More, and Simon Says Wednesday Challenge today too.) 

Started with some Michaels white for the base, and the embossed panel. I sponged some pink ME ink very lightly on the embossed polka dots and added an SC tag in black. The stars and HB are from MFT in gold, and I glittered up one star with HS chunky glitter. A smidgen of gold twine and some HS mist surrounded by a star 'frame' and done.

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Sunday Morning

I've got a few minutes before I start getting ready for church, so I thought I'd write a quick post and get my card over to the TIME OUT Challenge. I'm still finding my groove after all that scrapbooking, but it is coming along. Spent yesterday with my sweet sister Sue, and her two-year old granddaughter, Emma. She's darn funny. Little Emma didn't want to eat 'real' lunch; chose the chips and salsa at the most delicious Mexican restaurant. Ate the whole bowl of salsa with an occasional "hot" comment. Kept eating though, lol! All my great nieces and nephews call me "Auntie Hoo-Hoo" for some reason. That started with Sue's grandson Brady, and it's now run through the family. I think it's rather funny, and wouldn't dream of changing it. Naturally we went to Polka Dots, a craft store in Mukwonogo. Emma needed paper and stickers! So of course we had to get them for her! Sue bought a stamp that reads something like, "It's almost Thanksgiving time. Don't forget to set your scale back 10 pounds." How funny is that?! We had a great day together! You'd love my sister, and Sue, if you're reading this, START A BLOG!!!! ; )

And before I run out of time to get myself church presentable, I'd better get moving here. Only one card, and it popped into my pea brain after a quick stop for a look-see at Sandie's blog. Had to stop commenting and make it, lol! Sooooo QACAS!!

Photo source: Indulgy

Here's the inspiration photo. Cool, huh?! Love this color combination, and much fun! That's what I went with on my card:

Dug through the scrapbox as I knew I had this blue and white paper scrap in there somewhere. In fact, the reds are scraps too!  They're adhered to a Michaels white base. The die is from MFT, and I scattered a few white sequins too. If you look really closely, you'll see some Wink of Stella on the sentiment as well. Nothing too fancy, but I like the way this one turned out. Gotta run, take care, and happy dances everyone!

Friday, August 28, 2015

It's Mighty Quiet Here...

My sweet son and his family have come and gone. We celebrated his birthday in style, with decorations, cards, and presents made by his three little ones. That was so much fun! And he loved his scrapbook! I'd even found his much-loved leather jacket that he had when he was 14, and which showed up in a photo or two in the scrapbook. Somehow, though, he conveniently forgot to take it home with him, lol! They arrived late Sunday night, and when little Miss Sammy ran in, the first thing she said was, "Grammy!!! Do we have time to make cards tonight??!!" Have I got this group of grandchildren trained or what?! Wonderful visit. Yesterday was spent washing sheets, picking up the rest of the house, and running to resupply Mother Hubbard's cupboards. Oh! And working on some card making time. Mr. Mojo wasn't quite ready to get back in the swing, so we had to finish up today. I think I might be back in the groove (did I just jinx the rest of the day/weekend for card making by saying that???).  Hopefully in a bit, I can stop and see what you all have been up to lately.

I've got a couple of cards for a few challenges to share today. Went poking around the challenge blogs, and stopped to see what was up at CASology. Plaid. PLAID??!! How will I ever work that in??? Dang, guess I won't be playing along there this week... Or so I thought...then a ping started bouncing around in my brain. And it translated from brain to card exactly. Love it when that happens!! Could be that I was partially inspired by the new Work It Wednesday over at the SSS blog. The theme for this month is "Fall." Got both challenges covered.


And while I was at it, I thought I just might see what I could come up with for the new CAS(E) this Sketch too.  Made two cards for that one, but liked second one better. Maybe I'll rework card number one for another post this weekend.

A nice, masculine birthday card. Can never have too many of those, can we? I've had this double-sided 12x12 paper in my stash forever. Decided to use it for a card instead of hoarding it for another million years. The brown is a scrap, and it's got a sweet coppery shimmer to it, which of course, doesn't show up in the photo. An MFT leaf die, and a PTI stamp with some Potting Soil Ranger ink. It looks so cool irl...

Shaker card for CTS...

Got a teenaged granddaughter's birthday coming up, so made this with her in mind. Michaels white, and a teal scrap, and two dp scraps. I used my PPP die here (love it!) to make the square, and filled it with sequins. A TT 'happy' die, and that's it. Not difficult whatsoever. 

Now it's time to get the craft room picked up, do a few chores, and then visit your blogs. Have a great weekend, and happy dances everyone!

Sunday, August 23, 2015

One Scrapbook Done

Three more to go.... The one I've finished is for my sweet, darling son Tad. Yes, that's his real, full first name. Not Todd, Tod, or Thaddeus. Just Tad. I wish you all could meet him. I wish you all had a son like him. He makes my heart smile. He makes my whole face smile when I think about him. I love him very, very dearly. He's got a birthday coming up, and it ends with a 'zero' this year. A big one....And since I used to was a big scrapbooker, and since I have all the supplies from years past, I thought it might be nice to make him a book to commemorate some snippets of his life. I started in January. Did about 5 pages. Did a few more in the Spring. Kept looking at the box, and kept thinking, "I've got time, and besides, I'd rather make cards." Lo and behold, August rolls around. I pick up the pace a bit. Birthday in September. SH**!!!!!!!! I really get working on the book. Then I get a phone call from said darling son. On Monday. "Ma. We're coming for a visit on Sunday for a few days." Mom says, "That's wonderful, honey! I can't wait to see you all!" Brain thinks, "Oh. My. Gosh. You're in trouble now. That book is nowhere near finished." I step it up into high gear. Up at 5:30 in the morning. Let the housework go completely. Hot dogs for dinner. And frozen pizza. (Poor DH, and what a good sport, too!) I begin to hate scrapbooking nearly as much as spiders. Use up tape runners, black cardstock, and white cardstock. Dull Silhouette blade, and de-stickify the mat. Make a fast run to Michaels and lose an hour of 'book time.' Home from college granddaughter stops by. For two hours. Had to visit with her and turn off brain (she's a sweetie and I really did enjoy our time together). Run to Walgreens for that last family photo for that very, very last page... get it home and Tad's head is cropped off. Will this book ever get done???? Deep breath. I can reorder and pick it up after the 6:30 A.M. grocery store run on Friday morning! Annnnnndddd DONE. He'll get it on Tuesday when we celebrate his birthday. It's a "tad" early, but since they'll be here, we'll party. Maybe I can convince him to take a selfie with me... I've also learned a lesson concerning the last three scrapbooks I have to make (the last ones I'll EVER EVER make...). I'll be making pages once a week or so from now on. I don't really want to, but I don't want to go wacko at the last minute like this again.

And that's where I've been. Haven't had time to visit your blogs or anything. Sorry. The kids will be here early evening, and I've only got a few chores left to do after church, so have time for this post. Once they leave later this week (boohoo!) I'll be back to a more normal life, and will get back to visiting you, and commenting, I promise.

I did make a card. After what seemed to me like endless scrapbook pages, I just had to. Felt so good, and I know that you know exactly what I mean. Our family is still in heavy birthday mode, so this will fit any number of them... It's headed to the Freshly Made Sketches 200th Celebration too. Congratulations to Lesley and the entire DT. Those ladies are always gracious and kind, and their creations are stunning. How wonderful to be able to celebrate such a milestone. With that in mind, I made a little something celebratory... (first the sketch...)

The stamps are from SC; and I'm finding I'm loving them enormously! Three inks - SC orange, ME Ocean, and Versafine black. The blue sequins are from Darnell following the BABES adventure last year, and the orange flowers are (I think) Doodlebug from a million years ago. A scrap of blue surrounded by Michaels white. Pretty quick, pretty easy, and now it's time to clean the bathroom, run the vacuum, and get the last of the picking up done --- the kids are coming!!!!! Happy dances everyone, and I'll see you soon. 

Friday, August 14, 2015

Just had to....

Just had to make a couple of cards. I've been scrapbooking for so long that my card making addiction called out and wouldn't be quieted until I did something about it. I made a little time yesterday and worked on a card for the MFT Sketch Challenge, and then this morning got to it, and made a card for FMS and SSS Wednesday Challenge. Haven't played at any of these challenges in a bit, and thought it was about time! You should too!

Simon Wednesday Challenge Blog

Can't stop to chat today. Tad called today, and they're coming for a visit near his birthday. That means the scrapbook must absolutely, positively get finished. So guess what's on my agenda for the next several days (weeks....)??? Yep. Not cards.

Cards for today, however...

My card for FMS & SSSWC started with a Michaels white base and then a combination of stamps. PTI's "Have a" and "Birthday", and SC "Cool", along with their popsicle dies. Scraps of brightly colored papers and a scrap of polkie dot paper with a few pink sequins added just for fun. 

My MFT card has taken a bit of a liberty with the sketch as you'll see. But it made itself. It reminds me of several of my little grandchildren. We often say this to one another...

Again, the white is all Michaels. A bit of silver for the MFT stars, and some starry blue vellum. A scrap of yellow for the moon cut with Wplus9 dies, and a sentiment cut from a tag I bought with those little ones in mind. An AE frame die. Gotta run. Happy dances everyone.

Monday, August 10, 2015

Last Minute

I'm jumping in quickly this morning to play along at CASology. Last minute. Made a very quick and easy card for a confirmation. I never seem to have them on hand, so thought I'd get one done, especially with the Cue Card that's up. This was the first thing that popped into my head when I saw this:


More precious than gold, silver, or all the diamonds on earth. This is my precious...

I am a Christian. Strong faith. Love my Savior. Truly blessed. And very, very thankful. That is my precious. 

All cardstock is from Michaels. I used an AE die for the main panel, and stamped an AE burst in soft yellow. The cross is from a package of Sticko's that I picked up to use on the Confirmation pages for my son's scrapbook. Yep, still working on 4 pages done yesterday. The sentiment is from Inkadinkadoo stamped in ME Smoke ink. And that's it. Lots and lots of white space.  Now I have to get a move on. I'll be hauling groceries from the block that intersects with my street...sewer construction STILL going on in front of my house. Pretty sure it'll be done by Christmas....though at the rate they're going, I wouldn't bet on it, lol! Catch ya later and happy dances everyone. 

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

It's A Two Card Day

Most of the the time I've spent in my craftroom lately has been used on scrapbooking. I've got this one, for my son Tad's birthday to finish, then one for the youngest son, Christian, and then two more 8x8 books for the youngest two grandchildren. After that, I'm hanging up the scrapbooking gig, and will concentrate on cards. Would so much rather make cards...

And some of you might be wondering if I've forgotten to post the "after" photos of the credenza I've been repainting. Nope. Can't work on it just now. My sil and his buddy carried the extremely heavy thing out to my garage where I could work on the doors and drawers, and when the time was right, drag it onto the driveway to get the body done. However, we've had our street torn up since mid-May, and they still aren't done with it. Should have been done in a month's time, but the crew screwed it up, and they had to re-dig the whole blasted thing. Dust everywhere. Haven't broken out the Swiffer, or the Pledge in weeks - why bother?? If I did, I could go back to where I started and not even tell the difference! Once they pave over the construction and the dust has settled down a bit, I'll get back at it! Then I'll have photos of it to share.

As promised, I have two cards today. One for Muse, and one for a brand-new challenge headed up by Emily Fraiser, called Pinterest Inspired Challenge. Please stop by both of these challenges, check out the DT's cards, and see what beauties await you in the galleries. You'll be delighted, I guarantee it! Say......why don't you join me in the galleries?! What a great idea! And if Mr. Scrapbook Mojo leaves me today, I might just have to make another card or two! Awwww..... wouldn't that just be a darn shame???!!!! Sa-wink! ; )

Joan Bardee is up at Muse this week, and here is her beautiful and lovely CAS card. Would you just look at all that white space??!!

My card is pretty much a total CASE of hers; couldn't help it. Fell in love with Joan's beauty!

Michaels white cs, for the base and panel. SC sentiment and flower stamps. LF garland. Studio G green, THDI Tumbled Glass for 'hello,' Versafine black for 'darling,' and some red Copic for the flowres. An AE die for the little bow (isn't that just the cutest thing ever?!). And done!

And this is the inspiration photo for fun is this??!!!

I. Love. This. No... I REALLY love this. It makes me smile every time I see it. Those colors really inspired me, as did the bits of nature found here. My card:

When I was a little girl, my mom (who was somewhat spare in giving compliments) told me she liked the way gray colors looked against my skin tone and hair color. Been a huge fan of gray ever since. Decided to go with it for the backdrop to my panel. These are NBUS dies. The cut-out square is the left over part from the last shaker card I made using an Impress die made by MB. The leaves are also MB. A PTI sentiment with Versafine black ink and done. All the papers for the leaves, and the gray panel came from my scrapbox. Rather easy. And I'm quite pleased with it. 

For now, it's back to scrapbooking (waaaaaaaahhhhhhh). Happy dances everyone!

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Happy Birthday Marybeth!!

Yep. Today is Marybeth's birthday. You all know her, you all love her, and I'm thinking we should celebrate her a little bit today...Who's in??!! Oh you know you want in on this...!!

Something sweet to get us started

And pretty tables

And of course a pretty birthday cake or two!

No party is complete without presents.... WHEN I win the lottery, I'd send Marybeth and her sweet DH to a romantic spot...

And we know she loves to go to Disneyland...

And something pretty to wear whenever she wants to shimmer a little...

Don't you just love parties?! Someday, we'll all get together and celebrate all of our birthdays together. But since today is all about Marybeth, we'll sing Happy Birthday and send all our good wishes her way. She's pretty darn amazing, isn't she?!! Do stop by her blog and leave her some birthday love. 

So happy birthday dear Marybeth. You have a gentle way about you which inspires us all. I'm so glad we've become bloggy friends, and hopefully someday, we'll meet in real life. Here's hoping your birthday is full of sunshine, laughter, and blue skies. And that the coming year brings peace and happiness multiplied. Blessings to you today and always.

And as it so happens, I do have a card for her. It's coming, I promise, Marybeth, though it will extend your birthday by a day or two...

Enjoy your day my friend.
Happy dances everyone.