Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Let's all pray

Dear Lord,
Another tragedy has claimed the lives of some of your people, and injured scores of others as well. We pray that you comfort and heal the injured, with your loving care, sustain the families of those who were lost, and calm the fears of all who were near. Bless those who unselfishly rushed to offer their help to the injured; first responders, EMTs, nurses, doctors, police, fire fighters and all others. Quiet the fears of your people and help us, as a nation, to heal. We also pray that the perpetrators are soon brought to justice according to your will. We pray this in Jesus name, Amen.


Hannelie said...

hi Bev, we were on Bangkok airport when we saw the news... so sad. I can only say AMEN to your powerful prayer.

Anonymous said...

Yes, such a powerful prayer, Bev, AMEN indeed. Anita :)

cm said...

A powerful, beautiful and much needed prayer. Thank you for expressing in words, what I and many others are feeling. May your prayer of compassion, direction, healing, justice and peace be heard. Amen.