Saturday, February 2, 2013

Groundhog's Day

It has been a very looooong month. Fun, but exhausting. As you know, I've been buried in the Archives of our local history museum helping with collections care for the entire month. My job as Assistant Archivist was only for two days per week, and this past month saw me boosted up to pretty much full time. The museum closes the Archives to the public, and we put collection upon collection in proper storage containers, dealt with probably over 10,000 photos and other documents, shifted and shifted and shifted collections boxes, made some repairs to photographs, and anything else we could find time for. Whew. I work with my dear friend and college classmate Mary so it's no hardship to work there! We'd put Pride and Prejudice in the DVD player and listen to most of it, but stop and watch the "good" parts, and work full tilt boogie. Then yesterday, at the end of my shift, I retired. That's my news. I'm retired. Officially retired. Hasn't sunk in yet, and I'm still tired from the work week. It will probably take me a couple of weeks before it really hits home, but I plan to enjoy it.  I don't have a card to share today, but wanted to share something special (besides the retirement news). My little granddaughter Lily made me. She said "Grandma, this is you. I made it all by myself." And today I'm as happy and feeling as sweet as this looks:

You'll notice that I have 5 fingers on each hand, eyelashes, lipstick, blush, and some awesome high heels on. Lily is four years old, "...almost five, grandma!" I love this. Pretty good with the scissors too! She's getting her own "tape thingy" plus refills as part of her birthday present. Happy dances to everyone.


Kim Heggins said...

I love the picture of you that Lily made, just so classy! Congratulations on your retirement too, how sure to enjoy every minute of it!

Anonymous said...

Ooh isn't Lily a little sweetie? Such detail ... she's clearly inherited some of her Grandma's talent! Congratulations on your retirement ... mmm ... lloottss more crafting time! Anita :)

Kelly Griglione said...

Oh wow ... the first thing I think of is:

retirement = super-fun crafting time!!

Congrats on this next chapter in your life! And what a sweet drawing (and GOOD) from your darling granddaughter.