Monday, February 11, 2013

As my sister would say...

Well, Sue would say: "Knobs R Us!!"  Yep, that's a perfect description of me this morning. Ok, ok, that's a perfect description of me since January 22nd. That's right. I've been remiss in checking the "comments that need to be moderated" box in my blog, and so I popped in there today to find one from Maria F. over at rieslingmama. She left this for me, and I only saw it a few minutes ago:

So without further ado, a giant, thank you goes out to Maria. Bless your heart, and I am humbled and honored that you would pass this onto me. (Pardon me, I have this lump in my throat...) Sincerely and from my heart, thank you. Now, anyone who hasn't visited Maria's blog, get over there. The link is right up there, so once you've finished reading, go!

Did you know that 'Liebster' is the German word for 'dearest'? I'm sure I knew that as a child, but had forgotten it was up there in my brain.  This award is the "pass it on" kind, to be passed onto inspirational bloggers who have less than 200 followers. 

Here's what any Liebster award recipient must do:

1. Thank the giver and link back to her/him
2. Choose your five blog picks and let them know by leaving a comment on their blog (only choosing 5 is hard!)
3. Copy and paste the award on your blog
4. Cross your fingers that those you award Liebster to forward it to their favorite bloggers!

My five choices, in no particular order, are (and trust me when I say this is the difficult part!)

Natalie over at just cards - by N@Ali. Her style is perfectly CAS, with bold elements, crisp design, fabulous color,  and her cards always amaze me. The way she spells N@Ali tickles me too! She's got a great "wow factor!"

Next is Anita over at My Papercraft World.  Anita's blog is always a fun place to visit. And given the chance, I'd love to stop and visit her in person...who wouldn't want to go to FRANCE? Her cards are fun, creative, CAS, and always good for inspiration. If you need a little 'happy', this is a good place to find some!

Next in line is Xiumaiyuki. If you're a fan of CAS, and gorgeous, this is the blog to visit. Xiumaiyuki's work is fabulous. Elegant is another word that comes to mind. Love her work, and you will too.

And we come to Jenny. Her blog's name is "I dream in paper", and her cards are definitely dreamy. Jenny has a great sense of fun, and always manages to get that element into her CAS designs. If you want to see how she used the term, "parsimonious", you'll just have to click and go... A fun and fabulous blog!

For my final choice, Shelly over at Sweet Greetings. You'll find some great CAS cards over at Shelly's. She is one clever crafter. Love her use of white space, and the pops of color in her cards. I know you will too.

So, now that you have glimpses of these five wonderful crafters, make sure you visit their blogs and leave them a little note of congrats. Well worth it, I guarantee it.

Whew! Before I go, I want to thank Maria again, and to tell you that I could choose at least another five wonderful crafters. And boy, I'll be doing the Happy Dance all week, let me tell you. See you tomorrow.


Shelly said...

Congrats, on your award!! :) And thank you, for choosing to pass one on to me! I'd be honored to accept, though I'm not sure how many you can actually receive?....I have one already, and I also have one, that someone else has choosen to give me. Then yours...that would be three total! I would be honored to accept, though I'm sure there are many others who do not have one and would love to! :) Thank you, for thinking of me and my blog. :)

Jenny @ said...

Aww. Thank you. Not only for passing on this award to me, but also for the kind words in your nomination. There are 2 blogs listed that I am unfamiliar with - I plan to fix that straight away! Jenny

xiumaiyuki said...

Can I just tell you how sweet you are?!! Thank you so much! What a wonderful thing to start off my day with! xoxo...

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Bev, and wow, thank you so much for this ... and for your sweet words ... I am honoured!! Just got to Happy Dance now! Anita :)

Darnell said...

Congratulations on the well-deserved Liebster Award, Bev!!