Thursday, February 21, 2013

10MCD and other things

Snow's coming. That means it's a perfect day for crafting and cleaning. I took a few minutes this morning and made a card for Paulina's 10 Minute Craft Dash. Now I know that some of you are a bit intimidated by just the thought of trying to make a card in 10 minutes or under, but you really should give it a shot. Look at the little color flags, get the ideas pinging around in your heads, gather some supplies, set your timer, and go! While cleaning in here yesterday, I ran across a package of card bases by Doodlebug, that I won at a scrapping/stamping convention, oh, hm, about 2-3 years ago. Knew I had them, knew I liked them, knew I'd use them; it's just that they got "put away" well in my 'cards I am making' box. Probably the one box I've avoided for oh, hm, about a year. So yesterday when I was pulling stuff out and putting it away where it ought to be, I left these out determined to use them within the week. Then, this morning, I saw Paulina's challenge. And what do you know, I had a brown card base!!


So this is how it went...
Once I remembered the file folder card base, my brain pinged "office supplies"
Grabbed the spiral bound pad, stapler, a paper clip, a sheet of pink bling, white and blue scraps, the washi tape, markers and two sets of stamps. Then it was off to the races!

In 9:31 seconds:
                         1. Rip pink paper off pad, trim a bit, adhere to base
2. Tear white scrap, decide to leave top edge torn at last minute
3. Trim blue scrap, can't do any more messy edges, so cut clean
4. Staple white to blue
5. (and this was the most time consuming part) Use markers and color pencil stamp
6. Stamp pencil
7. Color senitment, stamp, and underline both images
8. Adhere to card base
9. Washi tape corners of pink
10. stamp small sentiment and adhere to tab
11. Breathe again!
12. Look at card--hate the way the tab sentiment looks
13. Rip off sentiment (here's where panic sets in...)
14. Don't look at timer, don't look at timer....
15. Find better sentiment stamp on TOP of others (whew!)
16. Color sentiment, stamp, trim and adhere to tab
17. Double whew!
18. Examine card...where's the paper clip??!!!
19. Grab paper clip and add a heart bling once it's on card.
20. Make a Margarita 

It really is fun! And here's the final, final project:

What a hoot...I had a blast making this and I can't believe that it came together in 9:31. I used the Doodlbug brown card base, random scraps of white and blue, and a no-name pad with multiple colors (pink here), washi tape, regular office supply staples and paper clip, unknown pink bling, SU markers, PTI enjoy stamp, PS Just a Note stamp, and Amy Tangerine pencil from Hey There. So I'm off to post this to the 10MCD. You should give this a try--it's sooo much fun! Happy Dances everyone.


Hannelie said...

Wow, you made it! Well done!
So vibrant, I love it!
I also love the new clean look of Happy dance!

Anonymous said...

You make it sound so much fun, Bev, I am stunned by the speed of your thought processes and creativity! Oh, and such a bright, happy and fabulous card at the end of it all too! Anita :)

Paulina said...

This entry is just oodles of fun and happiness! All of the elements are so unique and I'm so impressed you did all of this in less than 10 minutes! Woohoo!

Thank you for playing in the 10 Minute Craft Dash, and also encouraging others to join in the fun. You're so sweet!

Darnell said...

Awesome job! I prolly took you longer to type the post, huh?! Your card is fab, Bev. I especially love the last step!!

Geri said...

Your post made me howl! Seriously, my heart was pounding and I had beads of sweat on my forhead by the time I reached Step 19....but relaxed once I got to Step 20!

Fabulous, whimsical, fun, creative...looks like a card I would see in Papercrafts magazine. Yep, that good!

Poorvi said...

Bev, your card is stunning! Like how all the elements look so great together :)
Thanks for joining us in the 10 Minute Craft Dash! Hope to see you again soon :)

Meredith MacRitchie said...

My favourite part is making the margarita! Well earned! I love your office inspired card, it turned out wonderfully!

Thank you so much for joining us at the Craft Dash, I hope you come back again!

Sindhu said...

Less than ten mins! Very impressive. Fun project with lots of bright cheerful elements.
Thanks so much playing along 10 min craft dash! Do join us again! :)