Thursday, March 12, 2015

Good Examples

*warning* This post may get a bit long today, as I have something to share, so if you want to skip this part, that's perfectly fine. Scroll down and have a peek-see at my cards for today.

So yesterday morning, after I got up and settled down to have a gander around blog-land and check FB, I found something posted in the Coffee Loving Papercrafters group that piqued my interest. Amy T. posted about "Paying It Forward." Seems that Keren B. won a prize from the Coffee Lovers Springtime Blog Hop, and rather than having Amy send it to her, she asked that Amy take the cost of the prize and, literally, "pay it forward." So I stopped reading for a second to contemplate this RAK (random act of kindness). Pretty darn cool. Amy got a gift card from her local Starbucks and had, much to his delight and surprise, a barista pay for as many drinks as he could for the people behind Amy in line. Now, I had to run at that point to have a little surgical procedure done, (I'm fine, only a local anesthetic). My drive to her office was 45 minutes, which gave me plenty of time to contemplate what I had read on FB. Initially, I thought, "Starbucks??? That's nice and all, but Starbucks?" Then I thought more about it. Here's what I came up with. It doesn't make one bit of difference if you pay something forward at a coffee shop, a tollbooth, a church, or a charity. IT'S THAT YOU DO IT. That you actually pay something forward with no thought of getting something back, with only kindness in your heart, your wish being to make someone smile and with the hope that they, in turn, will also pay something forward. That's what matters. I was thinking about this as I left the doctor's office. Just two blocks away from there, I stopped at a Starbucks and although I paid for my coffee in cash, I told my barista to take the change from my $20 and pay for as many coffees as she could. (I did leave a tip from the dollars in my coat pocket) I didn't hang around to see how many people got to smile, but I sure was smiling while driving back home. Hmmm... Seems that Keren and Amy paid it forward to me as well. What's that old addage? Oh yeah, "One good turn deserves another." Thanks Keren. Thanks Amy. Thanks for reminding me to be kind.

Thought you'd like to hear about that. And now for today's cards. I actually started them all after I got home yesterday, and finished them up this morning. I'll try to keep this part a little shorter than usual, as I've kept you already. I've got three cards for various challenges. (And more pings going on in my head...) First up is this card that fits into Retro Sketches and Simon Says Stamp Wednesday Challenge. The challenge at SSSWC is 'things that fly' and there's a great sketch over at RS.

Simon Wednesday Challenge Blog

This is what I made:

I wish you could see this in person. It's really fun. Michaels white base, scraps of orange and black cardstock. A strip of arrow washi tape, also Michaels, and a chipboard sticker from We Are Memory Keepers. Some gold glittery dots, cut down to smaller sizes, and a die from SC with an Avocado Arts stamp embossed in gold. So much more fun irl.

Next up is a double whammy for Simon Says Stamp. I don't think I've ever played in all three of their challenges on the same day, but I guess it was time, or kismet, or something... Work it Wednesday has a "Spring" challenge, and the Monday Challenge is to use something that has a "B" in it. I chose Bunny. I owe a great big thank you to Miss Ardyth who was kind enough to send me a bunch of bunnies. Aren't they the sweetest little critters ever??! Love them, and thanks, my friend. Here's my card:

Lots of die cuts in this one. MB cloud, RC flower for the sun, IO bunnies, LF hills. The flower sequins are from Doodlebug, and stuck on with a smidgen of pink stickles. Scraps of blue and green polka dot. If you look real close you'll see a sentiment in the LL corner. It's from SC and says "somebunny loves you." 

Last one, I promise... This one is going over to Reverse Confetti for this month's SFYTT. 


Hope I did the sketch justice. All RC stamps and dies, except for the circle which is W Plus 9. Michaels white base and bits, scraps of green, pink and yellow. And a few green and yellow enamel dots from Simple Stories. That's it. I'll stop now. Happy dances everyone.


Becca Cruger said...

You are exactly the kind of person that I like, and that I'd like to be when I grow up. :D I love that you think about putting a smile on the face of others.

I am always so thrilled when I find a way to give back and I'm always so pleased to hear stories like this.

Now, as for your cards! They are brilliant! I especially love that gorgeous springtime bunny scene. It's 50 degrees here in North Dakota, so I feel like maaaybe spring might actually show up at a decent time this year!

Ardyth said...

You are a very, very kind person and it brought a smile to my face to read this story of you paying it forward! Love, love, love your modern wreath and what you've done with the bunnies! The helicopter card will be perfect for one of the grandsons! Enjoy the rest of your day, my friend!

cm said...

I love your story, Bev, and your gesture of kindness is just incredibly heart-warming! You're right: giving is a guaranteed smile-maker! As for 'paying it forward', you've done so with the trio of cards - a gift of creativity that has me oohing and ahhhing in absolute delight! Of course, I went with my 'obvious' butterflies for the flying challenge, completely forgetting that I have little flying images! See: you've already sparked a ping (or is that ponged a ping?). The playful bunnies are adorable (our town has bunnies...wild ones. Not hares, but bunnies. Lots). And your RC card: oh my!! Spring-delicious! Sighh...feeling happy, my friend, with this stop at your most inviting, welcoming blog!

Kim Heggins said...

Miss Bev, I too loved what Keren and Amy did with Starbucks, it is a wonderful feeling you get when you do something for someone else without expecting or asking for something in return. I do the same thing with Starbucks gift cards that I receive as gifts from my students. I buy one small coffee and leave the balance of the gift card for the next few people that come in.
Your cards are just amazing too and I am sure who ever you send them too with be so happy your paid those forward!

Hannelie said...

You are just the sweetest kindest person ever Bev, thanks for sharing this!
love your cards today... especially the last one, it just speaks to me!

Petra Swart said...

Thanks for sharing your lovely story, Bev and yeah for being such a kind person!!!
Your cards are so lovely - any boy would for sure love that cute helicopter card with the lovely colours!!!! Very cute!!
And those little bunnies are so adorable!!! So clever to use a flower die as the sun!!! Love your sweet spring scene!!!
The RC card is my fav from these three!!!! Great colours and such lovely flowers!!! Very beautiful!!!!
Have a great day!!!

~amy~ said...

Yahoooooooo! Wasn't that fun? Look what Keren started...isn't it wonderful?!!!

Not only a fantastic story but 3 awesome cards...I love them all especially the SFYTT. There's something about pink and very Happy :)

I Card Everyone said...

Love the way you made the day of a few people, Bev...we can hope that the kindness carries on, and on! Your cards reflect your heart... and that's all good!
=] Michele

Bobby said...

You are so sweet, Bev. Thanks for not only sharing the story but taking it to heart. I guess when the pings happen they just ricochet around in there because you've outdone yourself with these cards. I can see the first two going to grandchildren, and that Floral wreath is lovely and sure to put a smile on the recipients face. You'll have smiles all around you as you happy dance.

Kara Lynne said...

So glad you shared your story, Bev, and glad you had the inspiration to do it! I love the helicopter and the color combo on your first card. The bunnies are so cute and I love the little flowers on your second card. The third card is a wonderful take on the sketch, and those flowers are adorable with their enamel dots.

Tracey McNeely said...

Bev I love that you took a cue from Amy and Keren to pay it forward. What a good feeling a random act of kindness brings. So very proud of all of you and thank you foro the gentle reminder that we all should do this. Now on to your fantastic cards...the helicopter is brilliant for SSS and RS--love it. Thank you for sharing with us at RetroSketches, love those bunnies to and your RC card is just beautiful. Thinking spring spring spring my friend, have a wonderful weekend!

Susanne Vargas said...

Your story warmed my heart! How sweet of you not to hesitate but to put it right into action! You made the day not only for those who got a free beverage but for all of us reading about it and being inspired by it!
And your cards are again absolutely fantastic! The fun helicopter card, the adorable bunny card (Spring where are you?), and the gorgeous, happy flower card! Oh, my (happy sigh)!
Have a wonderful weekend, my friend!

Geri said...

I consider myself blessed to have experienced your kindness and your friendship in real life! I guarantee that all your blog readers (me included) will be paying it forward at some point this weekend! Your 'feel good' feeling is contagious!

Now, to the cards! WOW!!! The orange & black card is sooooo cool! I can well imagine one of the grand kiddies thinking this is "so cool grandma!".

The bunnies are so stinkin' cute! Love the spring scene that you created...especially the polka dot grass!

Third card - wowzers! My new #1 Fav Bev Card ever! Stunning! I need not say another word except...Winner, Winnner!

Darnell said...

That was a lovely string of RAKs by all of you! I have to say, however, that I don't think you needed those ladies to remind you to be kind, Bevie ~ you, my friend, are very kind without prompting!!

And, boy, are you on a creative roll! All of your cards are excellent and should be winners in the challenges! Those bunnies from Ardy are showcased brilliantly!! A thoroughly enjoyable visit!! It was great to talk to you today! Enjoy the weekend! Hugs, Darnell

Maarit at Violets Corner said...

Very pretty cards and a lovely story of random acts of kindness!


Vicki Dutcher said...

Great story. Working at Starbucks, there was a store that had pay it forward in the drive through -- it went through 50, yep 50 cars. In fact, it made the news! :) People were loving playing the PIF game :)

Nora Noll said...

That is a great story!! I know my friends have done this before. One of my friends went into a Walmart during Christmas and paid off two peoples orders that were on layaway. I thought that was so cool!!! She just left them a note to have them do something nice for someone sometime when they could.

I love to do RAK's too but have not done one in a while. I think I might have to. Thank you for the inspiration.

Your three cards you made are wonderful. I love the first two with the fun die cuts that you used. The third is just lovely. The colors you chose are perfect!! Thank you for sharing!!

Kathy said...

First time at your blog. I enjoyed reading your story, and seeing the cards. Just love those adorable bunnies. Came to see the card for SFYTT and boy, I love love it. Those Posies are a great stamp set. So well done!

Anonymous said...

So lovely! Thanks for sharing your work with us at the Simon Says Stamp Monday Challenge Blog! - Ashli :)

Anita in France said...

You are such a shining soul, Bev ... and I'm blessed not just to know you in blogland but to have experienced your truly generous and delightful spirit IRL ... I'm smiling just thinking of it! How lovely that you shared that with others via your RAK!

Your cards ... fabulous black and orange with a cool helicopter, so fun and perfect for one of your littlies! Such a cute bunny scene and sweet sentiment ... and oh my, that posy ... yummy, delicious, delightful ... love it!

Miss you heaps, my lovely friend! Bisous, Bisous, Anita :)

lostinpaper said...

Such a lovely post Bev and finished off with 3 lovely cards as well. Have the most beautiful day!

wienerhoneymooners said...

Love that you paid if forward. So kind too.. Love this story. Wonderful cards Bev!!!!! HUGS Kimberly

debby4000 said...

What wonderful cards, the first one is ideal for a mans card, love the cute bunnies in the second and your third is so pretty just love how the colours of flowers pop.
Thank you for joining us at Simon says Stamp Wednesday Challenge.

Leigh Penner said...

Thanks for sharing this story -- what a great idea!
Oh, and your cards are wonderful, too!

Marybeth said...

Nice way to lay it forward Bev!
I surly enjoyed all your cards today ( from a few days ago)
The bunny card is just adorable ! Oh my gosh your last card has me staring at its beauty,so fresh ,clean and simple. I love it!
Peppermint oil is great for getting rid of M . :) might help it works for me.

Nancy Thomas said...

I came over to get a better look at your SFYTT card to find not only 3 gorgeous and fun cards but a lovely pay it forward story also.

Kim S said...

My youngest son got a real life example recently. He and my husband had waited a long time to get seated at a restaurant. Toward the end, they watched an elderly couple, one with a walker, struggle through the crowd and then watched their faces fall when they realized how long the wait was. At that moment, my family's name was called. They decided to give their table to the older couple - then they sat back to wait another 45 minutes.

After my guys were finally seated and had eaten, they discovered that someone had paid their bill!

I so agree that we all need to do these acts of kindness without any expectation of anything in return. But I was still thrilled that my youngest got such a strong lesson in the impact of a kind deed. That others see and then do their own kind deed.

You have put together such a set of sweet cards for today! I love the little helicopter and all of the up arrows! The sparkly circles are just right to be festive, yet still masculine.

I LOVE Ardyth's bunnies!! You've given them a great field in which to play!

AND you've used my favorite floral set. I pull out those RC flowers all the time. I am in love with what you've done with the circle and with the bright colors on the subdued background. Gorgeous!!