Friday, April 21, 2017

Cards and Kids

Just let me know if you're tired of hearing about my grandchildren. I promise to try not to bore you with too many stories or photos, but not today. I've got some pix to share from Easter weekend, and a couple of cards too. Hmmm...what shall we look at first? Cards or kids? Let's do kids. That way, for those of you who want to skip those, you can scroll down to the photos of the cards.

Up first are three from Saturday night. It was funny. The four little girls went upstairs to make towns with a jar of flowers and used all the hot wheels/matchbox cars to 'travel' from one town to the next. The boys decided to make cards with grammy. First up is the youngest of the boys, Drew. My ginger-haired darling child.

It's a little blurry, but so were grandma's eyes by this time. Don't you just love that tongue hanging out? He's a wonderful child.

Next up is Drew's brother, Grant. He has green eyes just like his grandma.

Love this boy, too. He's ten and really got into card making. I think we could have gone on for hours, except parents made us stop for bedtime... Go figure!

The last of the boys, is Carter. I couldn't get him to look up for his photo. "Grammy, I need to get this done." He's one of the sweetest boys in the world.

See that notebook on the table? Well, Mr. Carter made a card sketch, without any prompting from me mind you, so he'd know exactly what to do. Turned out just like he wanted. Adorable!

Sunday morning we had an Easter egg hunt. I didn't have enough baskets for them all, so I decorated some white paper bags with their names and such, and after their parents hid all the eggs, it was pure (and delightful) chaos! 

They are arranged in chronological order; Avie, 3; Kaylin, 5; Drew, 7; Samantha, 7; Lily, 9; Carter, 10; and Grant, 10. 

And last, I promise, is one blurry one of me with them all.

Who knew that I could fall so madly and deeply in love with so many little ones? I am so very blessed! Sure hope that at some point we can get all twenty together! Yikes!

Now. Cards. Will keep the rest of this short, not list ingredients, but if you want any info, do email me, and I'll be happy to answer any questions.

My first card goes to The Heart Desires challenge. Another amazing mood board, and I think you can tell what I was drawn to:

Any my card (finally!)

My second card is heading off to both Fusion (I just used the sketch here) and to CAS(E) This Sketch:

Mine looks like this:

And as promised, I'll stop now. Have a great weekend and 


Patti said...

Bev! I LOVE seeing these smiling faces!! What a blessing you have and THEY have! I can see where they get all their creativity from!! Your cards are FANTASTIC!!


Tracey McNeely said...

Your grandchildren are a good looking crew Bev! Love seeing all the smiling faces! I also love that the boys were all over the cards! Two beautiful cards by the way those rainboots are just so cute, would love a pair of those in real life! Second card the strawberries are fabulous, love the tall thin panel! How you are doing well and YKW free, I haven't been visiting any blogs for a while. Just a bit more than I can handle at this time, but such is life. xo

Susanne Vargas said...

Seeing those pictures makes me very happy! Happy for those kids that have a grandma that loves them so much and for the grandma to be blessed with so many wonderful kids!
And even your cards are sweet - I would love a pair of rubber boots like on the first one. And the strawberry card looks so yummy!
Have a great weekend!

Leigh Penner said...

What beautiful grandchildren you have (& how fun that your grandsons made cards with you!) your cards are super pretty!

Michelle said...

I love strawberries! Your card is super sweet! Thanks for joining us at CAS(E) This Sketch and Fusion!

Michelle said...

Oh, and I should say, you have the most gorgeous grandkids! Reading about them made me smile. :-)

Darnell said...

Love your cards, Bevie, and I'm sure they'll be winners, but they have to take a backseat to those gorgeous precious grandchildren of yours! I so miss those crafting days I spent in the Playhouse with the twins. Treasure every moment, as I know you do! Each photo is adorable, but the one with you and all of them and the one with all of them chronologically arranged just melted my heart!! TFS!! Miss you! Hugs, Darnell xxoo

Petra Swart said...

Oh, Bev, the little ones are all soooooooo sweet and what a great photo of Grammy with them all!!!! I really enjoyed these photo's - so glad you shared them!!! The boys had lots of fun with Grammy's card making stuff, hey and he even planned his card before starting - I'm impressed!!!! I can tell that your weekend was great!!!!
And some cards are those flowery wellies fun, or what!!!!! I would love a pair like those ...they are sooooo cute!!!! And some polka dot scallops and a sweet doily ...makes one fabulous card, Bev!!!!! The second card with the strawberries are lovely!!! A wonderful CAS look and the little sentiment banner is very cute!!!! Two beautiful cards, my friend!!!!
Have a wonderful weekend!!!

I Card Everyone said...

Bev I love everything about this post ... and still think it's amazing that we each have a Drew, of different genders! You are truly blessed, my friend ... love your cards, those boots are PERFECTION! and so very pleased to see you in our CTS gallery with this strawberrylishous card! xx

Bobby said...

How funny that it is the boys that want to make cards with Grammy. You have a darling group of grandkids, Bev. I sometimes wish mine were still young. Your card replicated those boots to a T.

Geri said...

Tired of seeing pictures? Are you kidding? I love seeing pics of the children enjoying time at Grammy's house! Heck, in my opinion, you should be including kidlet pics each time you post! You are so blessed dear friend!

Oh yeah...the cards...

Two beauties! Loving the soft colors AND THE POLKIE DOTS on the first card. The flowered rubber boots rock! Yummyy, yummy, yummy second card. The berries are awesome. Love the sentiment banner and where you placed it on the card! BTW - is the second card tall and narrow or is it the design that makes it look like it is?

Lynn said...

Oh Bev. I love seeing your grandkids. Such wonderful wonderful pictures...and so fun to see how their personalities all came out with their different activities. You are certainly blessed!

And the those strawberries! Fabulous!

Nora N. said...

What fun photos Bev. I LOVE the cards you created. The boots are stunning and the random stamping of the strawberries are so fun.

Loll said...

Oh Bev, what a wonderful post. :) Your grandchildren are all so beautiful. Lovely picture of all of them with you. A wonderful keepsake. :)

Two lovely cards as well. Looks like you had an amazing weekend full of fun and creativity! xx

jennifirst clark said...

So enjoyed your sharing! And, yes, you are blessed - so happy for you.

Judy1223 said...

Bev, this post warmed my heart! I'm sitting here smiling at all the pure LOVE in all of your pictures! That word just kept echoing in my head as I read your post and adored your sweet loved they are, and how much they love you! They will always remember these fun days with you and family, filled with crafting and egg hunts and family and love. What a blessing...for all involved! Heart warming.

Your cards are absolutely precious! The rubber boots and doily together...charming and sweet! I love the strawberries, too...a great take o the sketch!

So happy to have stopped by today...this post made me happy!

Jen Mitchell said...

What a wonderful Easter weekend you had with your family. You are blessed indeed! And your cards are pretty awesome too. I love those colorful rainboots and the strawberries on the second card are so sweet - and that's no pun!

Chrissy Larson said...

Such great cards and pictures! Those strawberries look delicious! ;)

Anita in France said...

Hey, I recognise three of those littles, Bev ... and if the others are like them, it's no surprise you're in love with them all! Adorable pictures, their sweet personalities shine through each one! Your cards are fabulous ... the tumbling strawberries are mouth wateringly scrumptious ... and the wellies, well I have a pair just like them, so of course, they're gorgeous! Miss you, my sweet friend! Hugs & bisous, Anita :)

Brenda said...

Oh I never tired of hearing about your grands Bev! I love, love, love the pictures of the boys making cards with you. They are working very hard on their cards too! Gingers have a place in my heart as you know I have a ginger too. Love that Carter made a sketch to go by, and impressed as well! Way to go Carter! Awww, parents have to be the kill joy. lol Love the picture of all the grands but especially love the picture of you and the grands!!!! Can't tell you are happy at all! lol Love, love, love! And speaking of love, I love both of your cards. The rain boots are fabulous and wish I had a pair just like them. lol And the sketch, Love your take on it!!! Hugs, Brenda

Kylie said...

Oh my sweet friend, my heart just bursts after seeing you with those darling children. I love that the boys were so involved with their cardmaking. Reminds me of my nephew. He was (and most likely still is) so creative. I was so inspired after creating with him. They think outside the box.

As we have already discussed, you know how much I love this card!! :)

Kim S said...

I will never, ever get tired of hearing about your grandchildren!! They make me smile! I had to laugh at Drew's picture - all of my boys (and man) focus with their tongue out. It's hysterical to try to take manly fly-fishing pictures in the rugged wilderness and all of them have their tongues out as they focus on the fish!! LOVE the boys crafting - teach them well Grandma!!

Cindy C. said...

Sweet cards and blog post!! Thanks for sharing the photos of your grand-children and their smiley faces, they're adorable!!