Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Blessed Anniversary

Happy 43rd Anniversary to Darnell and her "Mister"!!!  I'm so glad that she was surprised by her friends, especially Ardyth over at MASKerade, whose idea it was that we "send" cards! Stop by Ardyth's blog and check out all the cards and the wedding photos. Head over to Darnell's to offer your congratulations! So, with that, a toast. Raise your coffee cups today in honor of Darnell and Kevin:

To the bride & groom. May they have another 43 years of love and laughter!

And this was Paul and I on April 8th, 1978. A cold, blustery day filled with promise.

He passed away nearly 23 years ago. God blessed our life together, and watched over me afterwards. This July, I will have another wedding photo to post. John and I will celebrate 20 years.


Hannelie said...

Hi Bev... I love the fresh blue and white with a touch of green!
Looking forward to see your new wedding pic!

Deborah Frings said...

Your card is so elegant - love the navy and white, and the beautiful damask pattern. Gorgeous!

And your wedding photo is just lovely - you both look so happy. Looking forward to seeing your new photo!

Anonymous said...

I just love the strong blue and green together, against the sparkly clean white ... beautiful! Lovely wedding photo too. Hanging on till June for the next one ... and you're right, this party is such a great idea! Anita :)

Ardyth said...

Thanks for joining in the Anniversary Fun, Bev! I always think navy blue and white is such a crisp, classic, elegant combination. Thanks for sharing your wedding photo and some of your story - I look forward to seeing the next one in July!

Deborah Frings said...

Thanks for your lovely comment! I really like this font too - WMS special from Frame It!

Darnell said...

Thank you so much, Bev! What a wonderful surprise this has been! Mister and I are both quite overwhelmed.

I ADORE your card, which is spookily perfect! I have a wonderful collection of antigue blue and white dishes!! I know, right?! I'm pinning all our beautiful anniversary cards on a special board on my Pinterest account.

Thank you for linking to Ardyth's post, but do you think you could do another link with your photo, or instead of your card? We so loved the idea of seeing all the photos in the thumbnails.

In any event, thank you for sharing and posting the sweet photo of you and Paul. I'm so sorry for your loss. We were all so impossibly young back then weren't we?

Could you please let me know the day in July you will be celebrating your anniversary with John? I have no plans to surprise anyone like Ardyth did, but I would like to return the flavor and post a happy comment on the day. Thank you!! Your friend, Chatty!

Happy Dance said...

There is nothing like blue and white china, is there Darnell? For his wedding gift to me, John gave me several place settings of Blue Danube china, to which I have added over the years. I now have service for twelve, but that doesn't even begin to cover when most of our kids show up, so it's mostly for looks now. We were married on what would have been my parents 39th wedding anniversary, July 10, 1993. It's been a good thing. Can't believe I was ever as young as I was back in '78!! And while Mister is/was a looker, you are/were a babe yourself!! Enjoy your day. Bev

Kim Heggins said...

Bev, this is so beautiful and congrats on your up coming 20 year anniversary too. Your card is so classy and elegant, love that stamped edge, perfect for today.

Geri said...

Beautiful card Bev! Love the gorgeous navy and white with a splash of olive green!

Love your wedding pic! Beautiful blushing bride and handsome groom! We all look so young and so in love! Your gown is absolutely gorgeous - it seriously looks like a designer dress! Just heading over to Ardyth's blog to check out the other posts.

Jackie Rockwell said...

Such and elegant card, love the tiny heart in the middle! Very pretty wedding photo too!

Darnell said...

How fun to find out you like and have blue and white china, too!! Thank you, Bev, for going back and posting your sweet wedding photo and letting me know the July date. Have a wonderful weekend!

(Wudda been nice if Geri would have gotten us tickets to Hawaii, too, huh? I'm pretty sure Danny would find us a hoot and not minded in the least ... )